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This is a 5W kit transceiver capable of SSB, CW, and AM. Members of the mailing list (below) have tested it up to 6m. It is primarily through-hole with a couple SMT ICs that are relatively easy to solder. 

Creator's Blog Entry

Mailing List

Assembly instructions, technical details, and community support may be found in the above links.


I am offering two stages of shipping. If you are confident in the kit as presented, I will ship as soon as it's packaged up. If you'd like to wait for the first round of recipients to validate that the kit is complete, everything fits, and so on, you can wait for the second round of shipping. My personal degree of confidence is high, so I am willing to make adjustments to the kit based on the feedback from the first group.

Group Buy Disclosure

This group buy will remain open until at least 50 orders are received. Kit construction will begin as soon as the parts arrive, and shipping will begin as soon as kits are assembled. To be clear, this kit is not in inventory, and will not ship immediately after purchase.

Intellectual Property Disclosure

The PCBs are faithful productions of the work of WB2CBA, manufactured and sold with permission.