WB2CBA uSDX Radios

This article is a work in progress.

The WB2CBA series of uSDX radios essentially falls into two generations at the time fo this writing. The goal of this quick guide is to help you understand which parts are compatible and what you need to actually build a radio.

Generation One

WB2CBA radios through v1.02 are what we will call 'Generation One' (Gen1) going forward. To make a Gen1 WB2CBA radio, you will need the following PCBs:

  • 1 Mainboard
  • 1 Low-Pass Filter Board

Optionally, you can add the following cosmetic panels:

  • 1 Front Panel
  • 1 Back Panel

Everything else comes from electronics supply houses.

Main Boards

Offline Systems has only ever stocked main board v1.02. Versions 1.0 and 1.01 also exist.

WB2CBA v1.02 Main Board

The main boards are documented in the following blog pages:

uSDX – A Compact SOTA SSB SDR Transceiver with Arduino!

uSDX – An Arduino Based SDR All Mode HF Transceiver – PCB Iteration V1.02

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Low Pass Filters

Offline Systems has stocked the following low pass filter boards:

  • OG Filter
  • Serial Resonance Band Filter Module
  • Serial Resonance TriBand Filter Module

WB2CBA OG Filters

The serial resonance filters (both) are documented here: uSDX Multiband Serial Resonance Low Pass Filter

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Gen1 Checklist

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Generation Two

WB2CBA radios from v1.2 are what we will call 'Generation Two' (Gen2) going forward. To make a Gen2 WB2CBA radio, you will need the following PCBs:

  • 1 Mainboard
  • 1 PA/LPF Board
  • 1 LCD/IO Board

While not entirely essential, the cosmetic boards fasten the radio to the aluminum enclosure:

  • 1 Front Panel
  • 1 Rear Panel

Documentation for Gen2 WB2CBA radios (from WB2CBA himself) is limited to this blog post:

uSDX TriBand – 3 band SDR All Mode QRP Transceiver

Main Board

At the time of this writing, only one Gen2 main board has been produced, v1.2.

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PA/LPF Boards

The UCX community expressed an interest in being able to experiment more easily with the PA stage in addition to the LPF stage. Thus, Gen2 radios no longer have the PA stage on the main board, but instead being on the same module as the LPF.

There are two PA/LPF PCBs that have been produced by Offline Systems:

  • BS170 PA Board v1.3
  • IRLML2060 PA Board v1.1

One thing worth mentioning as that the BS170s are a through-hole part while the IRML2060s are a surface-mount part. If this matters to you, keep that in mind when purchasing.

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LCD/IO Boards

Offline Systems has produced the following LCD boards:

  • New Haven LCD Board v1.3
  • OLED LCD Board v1.1
  • 1602 LCD Board

The New Haven and OLED LCD Boards both have corresponding front plates.

The New Haven LCD is really sharp, but it carries a slightly higher price tag.

The OLED is cheap, commonly available from Chinese and American suppliers, and has great contrast.

Keep in mind that the 1602 board does not fit in the aluminum enclosure recommended by WB2CBA. It does not have a corresponding front plate. Offline Systems will stop stocking these as soon as they are depleted due to low demand.

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Cosmetic Panels

The following panels are available:

  • New Haven Front Panel
  • OLED Front Panel
  • Rear Panel

The cosmetic panels, as I mentioned earlier, also fasten the radio into the aluminum enclosure.

Green panels are cheaper, but black panels will match the black enclosure.

Gen2 Checklist

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